Our Capabilities

Ball Brass & Aluminum Foundry specializes in quality Leaded & Lead-free Brass, Bronze & Aluminum Castings.  From simple to complex we deliver quality castings at competitive pricing and we specialize in short run production with quick delivery.

Pouring CapabilityCopper
(lead and no lead)
220 pounds

40 pounds

Squeezerup to 13″ x 18″ flask size
4 machines, 10 per hour
Sinto16″ x 20″ flask size
60-90 per hour
Rotoliftup to 24″ x 30″ flask size
2 machines
5-7 per hour

3D sand printing offers cost-effective solutions for low quantity and prototype runs, delivering fast results. Its greatest advantage lies in speed, enabling quick casting without the expense and delay of physical patterns, requiring only a 3D model to produce the part.

Sinto FDNX-1 Molding Machine

We are pleased to announce the installation of the Sinto FDNX-1 Molding Machine.